Refunds, returns and alterations.

* As we are a small company offering bespoke, made to order products, we cannot accept returns or cancellations once work has begun. Please ensure all details are correct when finalising a project, or ordering a commissioned piece, and that you are happy with all design decisions. We reserve the right to charge for any changes to designs once your order has been placed, and we reserve the right to make changes to designs if required during the project.

* We endeavour to always manufacture high quality products, however mistakes can happen. Should you receive faulty or damaged goods, we will of course repair or replace the item. Please provide a detailed description in writing, with images if possible, of any areas of damage. See the products and materials section for what we deem as acceptable ‘character’ within the wood.

* In the case of faulty or damaged goods or work, we will ensure all necessary steps are taken to repar or replace goods or work, however we cannot offer any further discounts or refunds.

* Once an order has been placed, by putting down a payment, the cost of any additional requested design drawings, or requested alterations to existing drawings will be charged to the Customer


*Basic quotes and design work, such as 3D visualisations of work, are free. More complex design work may be charged.

* By the very nature of both the materials we use, and the type of industrial furniture we are producing, our wood could contain all of the following characterful traits: (which are expected within each piece and for which we are unable to offer any kind of discount or refund)

Bandsaw marks across the grain, Small ‘chip out’ marks from the planer, Knots/cracks/shakes, Small machining marks, Natural colour variation.

* We will not accept returns, make adjustments or alterations, or offer refunds due to issues arising from the customer's personal preference on wood grain, pattern, knots, medullary rays, colour variation or any other naturally occurring elements. Natural wood is varied and beautiful and the grain can even change in the same piece.

* These traits and tolerances will have to be allowed for unless a “book matched” design has been asked for, which will add extra costs to the quote.

* All wood species can react to exposure to sunlight, changes in temperature and humidity. We cannot be held responsible for changes in the wood due to environmental factors, once delivery has been made. In very dry settings this could decrease, leading to cracks/movement; likewise a very humid or wet environment could cause the wood to warp, and joints to separate. We make our furniture with wood movement in mind; however we can’t take responsibility should the piece react to the humidity of your own environment.

* All our work can be made to measure to fit your space, however we do not guarantee mm precision unless we are specified to do so, and some hardware such as nuts and bolts may protrude - please allow for +/- 25mm on all dimensions. (Or about 5%).

* We cannot be held responsible for customers preference to design elements that are not discussed or raised at the point of designing or ordering and will make educated assumptions based on the style of the product, and it’s functionality etc.

* For fabrics, vinyls, paint colours and any other samples, colour indications whether given by means of the provision of samples or derived from colour charts or descriptions, are necessarily approximate because of inevitable variations in the process of manufacture and reproduction.

* Any 3D visualisations or models provided are used for design and example purposes only. They are not a representation of the final design, or aesthetic of the project or piece. Roots Furniture reserves the right to make changes and alterations from the models provided to the Customer.


* Any quotations shall remain open for a maximum period of thirty days from the date appearing thereon and may be withdrawn or altered by Roots Furniture at any time within such period without notice.*Roots Furniture normally requires a 50% deposit to begin a project, although this can be discussed with the Customer beforehand. *Once Roots Furniture has received a deposit, any money which has been spent on material outlays cannot be refunded.

*Upon paying a deposit, the Customer is agreeing to pay the final invoice of the remaining balance, once work has been completed.

*When a deposit is paid, Roots Furniture accept that as an understanding of our terms and conditions.

* If Roots Furniture’s performance of the work is interrupted or hindered for any reason other than the default of Roots Furniture, then the Customer may be responsible for additional costs and/or losses caused by such delay and hindrance.

* Roots Furnitures invoices are due for payment in a maximum of 14 days from date of invoice. Except as otherwise expressly agreed in writing, no discount or allowance or extension can be claimed by the Customer.

* Property and ownership of all goods and materials manufactured, installed and / or delivered by Roots Furniture will only pass to the Purchaser when all monies owing to Roots Furniture in respect of the goods have been paid to Roots Furniture.


* Except where negligence on the part of Roots Furniture is shown to have resulted in the death of or bodily injury to any person, Roots Furniture shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage suffered by the Customer.

* Delivery of goods, work and projects in and around the Dundee area will normally be charged at £25 per delivery. If no one is available to collect delivery on a pre-agreed date, or is late to collect, there may be extra charges incurred by the Customer.

* Delivery of goods, work and projects outside of the Dundee area will be charged accordingly, and this will be discussed with the Customer beforehand.


* Roots Furniture reserve the right to publish any of our designs, drawings, photographs (of both process and final outcomes) on our website, and our social media channels, unless agreed with the Customer otherwise. This will never include any personal details.




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